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Daily Income Netowrk - Free Factor Logo11/12/13 ANNOUNCEMENT: The Daily Income Network is no longer supported. This is why I am no longer promoting this. If you would like to know what I’m doing currently to make a full time living from home CLICK HERE.

Please note: I am a real person & I will answer live questions about the Daily Income Network. Met Rivers 904.242.6868. supportdin@flowonlineprofits.com

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Hey, Met here again, And you’re reading my uncensored review of what I thought about the Daily Income Network. If you’re just needing more precise information about DIN then I’m glad you found this site and I strongly suggest you keep reading… Note that this is a review though, if you’re looking for the Daily Income Network’s website then you’ll have to visit their official website here.Why am I writing this? Well, when I first got to looking into DIN there just weren’t a lot of substantive reviews on this system so I thought I’d write one for those who found themselves in the same position I was in. Please understand that I will be covering both the good and the bad points, so if that is something you don’t want to read about, this is a good opportunity for you to leave now.I found out about Daily Income Network from a good friend of mine because we both stay on the lookout for ways to make more money online. Me, more so than him. Just like some of you reading this today are looking for a way to bring in extra money and perhaps replace your full time income at work. When I first saw this it was called, “Daily Income Career Network” who created the Free Cash Machine. This touted the fact that you could make $20/hour online and get paid daily without spending any money so you know I was very interested in finding out more.

This was accomplished through a CPA network called ZNZ or ZipNadaZilch. CPA stands for Cost Per Action/Acquisition take your pick. You can google the term if you don’t know anything about cpa networks. I was immediately excited about getting started and I did, and I had my first twenty dollars in my Paypal account within 18 hours. I said to myself, “hmm, this thing really works.” Honestly, I didn’t fully understand how they could do this until I probed deeper. Actually I didn’t care too much as long as I was getting paid and no cops showed up at my door. I had no reason to think it wasn’t legit because I trust the person who showed it to me. My goal here is to give you the information you’re looking for in order to help you make an educated decision about getting involved in this or not.

What’s All The Buzz About?

There has been a lot of buzz about the Daily Income Network in recent weeks. Rightfully so, there have been some major changes to come about with the totally new facelift of this marketing system. What they’ve done is gotten away from just the cpa side of things. The side of simply completing offers and you get paid daily, then finding others to do the same and transformed it into a complete fully intuitive, income increasing system. How?

Daily Income Network

It now consists of a ready made system where you just plug in your information and you’re up and running very quickly. What I’m making reference to is the ability you now have that wasn’t an option before to plug your primary business into Daily Income Network which will result in more folks joining you in your business. Don’t worry if you don’t have a business right at this very moment, you can easily find one when the timing is right for you. All the while marketing the $20/hour system at the same time. The leads you generate from Free Factor (formerly ZNZ was the system being used) will naturally be led to your primary opportunity – whatever that may be.

Sales Funnels

The traffic generation system will show you how to continuously fill your sales funnels in a way that you will never run out of new leads. In fact there are a lot of ways to get this traffic for absolutely free as well. What’s crazy about this is you can still get the entire system for free! They show you how to do this on the inside. There are two funnels you’ll have full use of once you’re on the inside.
  1. Income Opportunity Targeted Funnel – This is for all those leads who are simply looking to make money online. The don’t have a desire for residual income or may not even know what that means. They are solely focused on making money without any moving parts. (It’s been my experience that this crowd slowly make their way over to the second funnel once they realize how much potential income they’re leaving on the table without a whole lot of effort on their part).
  2. Networker Targeted Funnel – This is the funnel you’ll use to attract the network marketer or multi-level marketer. Those solely focused on selling products and recruiting new distributors in their business. These folks are absolutely interested in a residual income. They want to leverage their time through other people and build a team and benefit from those efforts. (see DIN Profit Formula)

Lead Capture Pages

Branding is one of the most valuable tools you have at your disposal. Think of the Golden arches (McDonald’s), or the little green lizard (Geico), how about that white apple (iPhone, iPad) – these are all well know “brands” You now have the ability to brand yourself just like the big boys which can be a very crucial part of your success online. It doesn’t matter what you decide to do. People will always prefer to relate and do business with someone they like and trust. This is the power of capture pages. Video capture pages are even better and you get that at DIN. You don’t have to be a guru as long as you know what you’re talking about.

DIN Profit Formula

The success of the Daily Income Network’s Profit Formula is what sets this system apart from the others. If you’re new to marketing online, you may be under the impression that you have to chase your friends and your family and co-workers to get them to join you in your primary business. Which will quickly have you becoming a member of the NFL club (No Friends Left). On the contrary, it’s not your company’s awesome products, or the ground floor opportunity available, it’s not even the absolute one of a kind comp plan that will explode your business. [This is what I thought when I first got started years ago]. You’re actual product is the Marketing Systemyou use to grow your business. Many years passed before this became a realization for me because it wasn’t taught by my previous upline. It’s knowing how to market “X” product or “X” opportunity. I hope you get that. IT’S ALL ABOUT MARKETING~List Of Other Benefits With VIP Upgrade
  • Professional Autoresponder
  • Video Training
  • Complete Back Office
  • Mutliple Streams Of Income Factor
  • Training and Resource Center
  • VIP Training (by invite only)
What Don’t Like About Daily Income Network:
  • The launch of the new DIN was a little premature. Site not completely finished
  • The inability to pause the intro video that auto loads on seemingly every page
  • In fairness, two points above cross-covers my other dislikes which fall under the realm of the site not being 100%. No need for me to be petty in stating my concerns more than once. For one, I know that they are on top of it.
What I Do Like About Daily Income Network:
  • The proprietary way the DIN system was developed
  • Multiple Streams of Income deserves repeating here – This is huge!
  • ZNZ BigCash equivalent in the works and will be also be available
  • First time marketer’s will have everything they need to build a thriving online business
  • The ability to insert plug in your primary business. 100% of your leads coming in will be made aware of what that business is. This increases your odds of growing your business effortlessly.
My Final Thoughts On Daily Income Network:So far the Daily Income Network looks to be shaping up into a very capable marketing system. With everything I’ve listed to this point, it’s clear the value will undoubtedly be there. All of this systems features can be accessed from one place – not on multiple sites like it was before the overhaul. ZipNadaZilch has now been replaced with another proven offer site in the industry called Free Factor, this will not pose any disadvantages to you whatsoever. [At this time I am withholding my final finalreview until I have had the opportunity to experience DIN in it's completed state. I will come back and update this post at such time this occurs.]~Met
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Marketing System

The Co-Founders of the Daily Income Network are, Che Feemster, Matthew Conner, and Ben Zimunya. These are three very talented young guys who had a vision and follow through on that vision. What they were able to do is what America is all about in my opinion. Less than a year ago they saw a need in the marketplace and they figured out a way to fill that need and today they are reaping the rewards of their combined efforts. I don’t think they knew how popular and how big their system would become in such a short time since launching DIN on the internet.

A little background on Mr. Che Feemster as he eludes to his somewhat checkered past, openly admits he’s made some mistakes but he made the decision to turn his life around. He worked in corporate America for years and because of his “gift of gab” was able to earn a 6 figure income at his full time job. That there in itself is phenomenal because most people in this country don’t make $100+ per year in income. That is just the facts. Che goes on to say that even with this type of income, he was still living paycheck to paycheck and using public transportation to get back and forth to work because his driving privileges where taken away for a spell. This is a true story I got from Che himself.

Then one day while sitting at his desk, Che says he just got fed up with the whole game he was playing and literally walked away from this “good paying job” to pursue his desires to make money from the internet. Oh, did I forget to mention he was still living at his mother’s house? Do you have any idea how demoralizing this can make a grown man feel?

But you know what? You can’t stop an idea who’s time has come. Choosing not to go out and find another job as his mom urged. Che continued to believe in himself and his dream. He was fortunate enough to get hooked up with a very powerful and proven mentor. She taught him a few strategies on marketing and his first night online made something like $1500 right out the gate. And as they say, “the rest is history”


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Daily Income Network

Daily Income Network

The Daily Income Network is blowing up the internet in a major way and in record time. Here’s what I’ve learned about the “Daily Income Network”. In simple terms, it’s a marketing platform that allows you to market any business whether it’s an online business or offline business. When I first became aware of this system it’s name was the Daily Income Career Network. Obviously there have been some changes here recently which I will cover in later posts on this site.
It’s been a very rapid journey upward for DIN since it’s introduction earlier this year. It’s kind of freaky to witness something come from where they started, to where they are at the present time. I will also cover the recent upgrades to this system as I continue to uncover the information during my research.


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